An In-Depth Have a look at Air conditioner filter Manufacturers

Since there are several air filter manufacturers available on the market, it’s useful to be capable of evaluate different manufacturers and items. The brief manufacturer/product profiles below are intended to help consumers just do that. Air Filter Manufacturer


Honeywell extends back to 1885, and produces thermostats, air cleaners, humidifiers, plus more. They feature four kinds of hvac filters: Replacement Media filters, HEPA air cleaners, Media Air Cleaners, and Electronic air cleaners. Each one of these filters has advanced technology and meet American Lung Association Health House guidelines. Honeywell’s Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner supplies a powerful, three-stage filtration way to give you the cleanest air. The three-stage filter system includes activated carbon, pre-filter and HEPA filter. These filters contain an AIRWATCH indicator, which reminds when you change filter, and are avalable using a one-year warranty. The Honeywell’s Electronic Air conditioner filter destroys almost 98% of pollutants and comes with a 5 year-warranty. Honeywell also offers two kinds of Media air conditioning filters: Furnace Mount Air cleaners and Return Grille air cleaners.


Unlike traditional disposable filters, more than Thirty years K&N may be manufacturing air filters meant to achieve high, virtually unrestricted ventilation and long engine life. K&N offers Replacement air filters for exactly to the standard OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) motorcycle air box, Universal hvac filters for racing vehicles, and much more. You will find almost 1000 shapes/styles of Universal furnace filters, because both versions are categorized as a one-year warranty. They’ve high flow cotton media who, providing greater performance and protection from infectants and pollutants. Replacement hvac filters possess a million mile limited warranty. These filters could also increase horsepower and acceleration from the vehicle in addition to filtration.

Air Bear

Trion Air Bear offers Furnace filters, Replacement filters and Media cleaners. Air Bear provides both whole home air cleaners and portable air cleaners, which facilitate cheap air filtration. Three sizes can be obtained with three different dimensions 3x6x15, 5x20x25 and 20x20x5. The price tag on Air Bear filter vary from $100 to $170 dependant on the scale and measurements of the filter.

Hunter Air conditioning filters

Hunter manufactures two distinct lines of air conditioning filters known as the QuietFlow line in addition to their so-called popular HEPAtech type of air cleaners. The HEPAtech filters use a mixture of cleaning technologies, using a charcoal filter to take out odors in the house. Charcoal filters has to be replaced regularly. The QuietFlow air conditioning filters are based on HEPA filters, which also have to be replaced regularly, at least one time annually, for effective filtration. The cost of these two forms of filters vary from $15 to $90.


The US-based Oreck comes with a powerful Oreck XL Professional Air cleaner, which completely regenerates the air in a 30’x 30′ room every hour by capturing and destroying bacteria, pet dander, household dust and allergens. This filter traps 95% of airborne particles, some as minute together thousand times less space-consuming than a single hair. The lighting inside the filter indicates in the event the filter needs cleaning. There is certainly five-stage purification process from the Oreck XL Professional Air cleaners, which makes it stronger than Hepa filtration system in air filtration. The five-stage system posesses a pre-filter, positive charging wires, a collector, charcoal odor absorbers as well as an air-revitalizer, which forget all insects, and airborne allergens. Air Filter Manufacturer

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